In some ways to open your heart and your home to a rescue dog, a part of you needs that dog… as much as that dog needs you – rescuing the rescuer

This blog idea was conceived by a variety of thought processes: a passion for dogs; business ideas; my journey with my Romanian rescue; intrigue and a hint of boredom (ha!).

I guess my blog journey begins with the introduction of my fur baby, Flicka. A little rescue dog from a Romanian car park, I spotted her photo on a Romanian rescue Facebook page – she looked just like my older dog Millie (who lives with my parents), my childhood dog and ultimately, best friend growing up. Millie is also a rescue, from Ireland and was my introduction to dog owning, handling, agility and doggy bonds. I owe a lot to her, as a first dog for a little girl you couldn’t ask for much more. She’s still the best companion and I still feel a huge bond with her – but, it was time to get my own dog in my new flat, to match my new start into my adult-ish life. Flicka was perfect for the reasons I’ve just mentioned and because something within me just told me “that was the dog for me“, when I saw her. She was just right. I can’t tell you why, I just knew. “Flicka” was the name her rescuer chose – it means girl in Swedish; she was 18 months when she was brought into their care; they had all her details from her microchip. 

And so, I began my plans to rescue her somehow…


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